Like so many erotica writers, I spent part of my childhood absorbing the Regency-inspired romances of Georgette Heyer; you can imagine my delight when I first discovered Annis annis-teller-2-400x533Wychwood in Lady of Quality. Who wouldn’t love to read about a spirited heroine who has the same first name?

I find the etymology of names interesting. ANNIS comes from an ancient Greek word that means “finished” or “completed”.  And goodness knows, I like to finish what I have started, although my busy household (one husband, two children, two cats . . . large extended family, a day job) can make that challenging. Under such circumstances, finishing anything takes a very long time, or at least, it is so with me.

(Some sources claim, by the way, that Annis descends from a different ancient Greek work, which meant “innocent” or “pure”, but I find this less attractive. Purely innocent characters are not very interesting, are they? I like things to be complicated.)

TELLER is the shortened form of “storyteller”. I think people have a lust for narrative – our species has spent its entire history telling stories in one way or another, and in days gone by, someone would have been responsible for telling those stories. It looks like one of those tellers was an ancestor, given my last name.

I love the idea that storytelling is embedded in our DNA.

So, I’ve decided to try tapping those teller roots. I want to tell stories that are set in Vancouver, the city where I was born (although I intend expanding that definition to Whistler and the Fraser Valley). I really enjoy reading stories that are set in places I’ve been because I like to see how other writers perceive familiar landscapes. And I want to write erotica. Vancouver is a city that isn’t as well represented in the erotica genre as I wish it was – I find the list of Vancouver-based erotica is awfully short. (It’s possible I didn’t consult the right list. I am new to this is in so many ways.)

Within that Vancouver setting, I’m interested in exploring how couples navigate their relationships, and come to better understand their partners, and themselves. The intersection between landscape and people is also interesting to me. Would someone fall in love as thoroughly if the sun hadn’t shone just so on her lover’s shoulders that day at the beach? Would the breakup have been as harsh if the rain had drummed less emphatically on the roof while he spoke those final words? Setting and character shift over time in stories; landscape and people, in real life, do the same thing.

And that’s me. I have a few ideas for a few books, starting with Dylan and Brooke’s story in what I hope will become the first novel in a Vancouver Housing series. I want to experiment with mashup, too, and paranormal, and a short story collection before I stop and take stock of how I’m doing.  (I’ll see if I have any readers!)

I hope you are one of them. Enjoy! And best wishes.

Annis Teller


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