After living in rural Ontario for her whole adult life, Brooklyn Waterhouse decides to jump in the deep end, and follow the man of her dreams to Vancouver. But, after one too many blow-offs from Connall, she decides she’s had it with chasing romance; she’s going to focus on her job, and getting to know Vancouver instead. If she happens to have a few one-night stands as she tours the Lower Mainland, so much the better. She’s done with seeking Mr. Right, and thinking she sees him in every man’s smile.

Vancouverite Dylan Mentiri does a lot more than smile, and he offers to be Brooke’s tour guide, too. But, like her ex, Dylan travels a lot for business, and it’s hard for them to connect. He’s also recently taken temporary charge of his nephew, which adds a certain level of complication, and then there’s the mystery of where he lives. At first, Brooke is more than happy to be “in lust” with Dylan – great sex without attachment, at last, and with a man who actually shows up when he says he will – but that brings another complication: Dylan wants exclusive and she . . . just isn’t sure. To top it off, Connall reappears, and Brooke still thinks he’s hot.


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